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I am so appreciative of how effective Kay's style is and how much I have improved.  I look forward to my weekly lesson as a time to develop my skill and to have fun.  Kay has a keen sense of how to engage me, and both retain my interest and help me to grow. As a result, singing has become my entertainment, my outlet and, even more than before, my passion.

— Terese Kemble
VP of HR at Tyco Electronics

spacerWe've really marveled at the growth of our daughter's voice since she began studying with Kay. And now, she's a leading character in her high school musical!

— Gail Whipple
Spark Studio
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Private Lessons

What if you could develop a healthy, expressive voice and sing with confidence?  You can.

If you can speak, you can sing.  It’s that simple.  Even if you’ve been told that you’re “tone-deaf” or that you shouldn’t sing, you can learn to sing with strength, assurance and joy.  Kay can help you make this happen.  She has extensive experience working with novice singers of all ages, as well as those who may have self-imposed barriers around singing.

Kay’s teaching is open, straightforward and supportive.  In a fun, safe environment, she encourages you to explore the reach, breadth, depth, power, and potential of your voice.  As you start to understand the singing process, you develop a voice that has a solid even range, good placement, clear diction, maximum breath control and a free sound.  You become a confident singer.

Lessons are offered for:

Ages 13 through Adult
All Levels – Beginning through Advanced

Lessons include:

Vocal Technique
Develop and master the four main elements of singing: Breathing; Focus; Projection; Diction.

Repertoire Coaching
Learn to use the words and melody of a song to convey meaning and tell the story. 

Performance/Presentation Coaching
Discover how to be a truly poised and captivating performer, and connect with your audience.   

Audition Advice
Learn effective techniques to feel confident walking into any audition. 

Career Advice
Get honest, practical advice about a performing arts career.  Learn what it takes and how to get there.  

Individual lessons are offered at either 45 minutes or one hour in length.

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