I was so enthused when I returned home Saturday that I began to tell my husband and show him some of the techniques about using his voice.

 — Janice A. Lieberman
Former Librarian and
Santa Clara University Faculty

Kay is a superb teacher, one of the best I have encountered. She knows her subject thoroughly, builds enthusiasm among her students and teaches with energy and precision.

 —Susan McCough
Former head of Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
San Jose State University



Voice and Speech Coaching

Your voice is fundamental to how you are perceived in the world. If you want to be taken seriously - at work, giving a speech, making a presentation, or even in everyday conversation – you need to have a sound that commands the attention of others. That’s not just about volume; it’s about having a voice with presence, firmness, clarity, and warmth.

As with singing, Kay can help you make this happen with your speaking voice.  From her years spent coaching actors, educators, and corporate clients, and as a presenter, herself, at conferences and workshops, Kay is well-versed in how to help you develop a voice that conveys a sense of personal leadership capability and confidence.

Kay’s teaching is clear and direct. With her supportive approach, you’ll explore the facets of your voice that create your unique sound. You’ll learn how to use the elements of breath, focus, projection and diction to find a speaking style that’s both genuine and engaging.

Coachings Include:

Vocal Technique
Learn the four key elements that help you develop a strong speaking voice: Breathing; Focus; Projection; Diction (the same elements that singers learn and master).

Speech Coaching
Hone your speaking skills to convey the heart of your story, and make an impact with your words.

Presentation Coaching
Discover how to be an engaging presenter, connect with your audience and keep them interested in what you’re saying. 

Individual coachings are offered at either 45 minutes or one hour in length.

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