woman finding her voice

Your workshop was superb. I loved it. The content, the design, and your execution were perfect, and your sensitivity to people’s anxieties and to the group’s process was beautiful. I told people I haven’t been to such a creative, original workshop of any kind in years.

  — Anne Hillman,Author
Awakening the Energies of Love


What a glorious day you provided for us!  Thank you so much.

   — Joan Rosselle
Director of Distinguished Giving 
American Cancer Society


Thank you for a fantastic workshop. It was really great to participate in such a calm, open and motivating class. You made every activity meaningful and truly fun.  Somehow you managed to be nurturing and manifesting.  I guess it's your 'Wow' factor!!!  Thanks for including me!

  — Barbara Lincoln
ESL teacher and
former DJ at KSAN


About Workshops

“To free the voice is to free the person.”
Kristin Linklater

When was the last time you thought about your voice? Your voice is your main mode of communication. It represents who you are. It expresses your individuality.

Imagine being able to express yourself with strength, assurance, and confidence in any situation.

Kay’s groundbreaking Voice Matters® workshops help you discover the power of your authentic voice.  In an interactive learning experience, you'll realize new aspects of your voice that will change the way you think about it, and expand your ability to use it in every area of your life.  You’ll develop an awareness of and freedom with your voice that will foster personal discovery, self-knowledge, self-assurance, and a sense of your own unique vocal strength and capability.  This fun and engaging process includes breath and body relaxation work, movement, drawing, acting exercises, journaling, partner and group discussion, and singing.

Why singing? Only singing allows you to explore the full range, power and potential of your voice. Singing is a holistic experience that allows a sense of well-being, and joy.  Through specific work on posture, breathing, support, focus, projection, diction, and interpretation you become aware of your voice in new ways.  You develop confidence and a sense of freedom with your voice, and discover how to communicate ideas and emotions powerfully.

Five Major Outcomes from this Work: